The 'Safe Kerala' project installed 726 AI cameras to identify traffic law violations from today

The 'Safe Kerala' project installed 726 AI cameras to identify traffic law violations from today

Thiruvananthapuram: AI cameras installed across the state have started functioning. 726 AI (Artificial Intelligence) cameras have been installed across the state to track down violations of the law. Even if three members of the family, including children, are traveling on a two-wheeler, if caught on the AI camera, there will be a fine.

The new reform is to fully implement the stringent provisions. Infants should sit in the back seat with an adult or in a baby seat. A vehicle or person caught violating the law on one camera will be fined for the same offense each time they are caught on subsequent camera.

At the same time, the Transport Department has clarified that there will be a fine only for the violations that are evident in the videos and other checks, including whether the vehicle records are correct, will not be done by the control room for the time being. Line traffic violations will also not be checked in the first phase.

Driving a two-wheeler without wearing a helmet, traveling without wearing a seat belt, more than two people traveling on a two-wheeler, using mobile phones while driving, and red-light violation- these are the offenses that the AI camera will catch first. The Motor Vehicle Department has decided to implement the 'Fully Automated Traffic Enforcement System' as part of the 'Safe Kerala' project to detect violations of the law through cameras, stating that roadside checking is creating difficulties for the public

The AI cameras are solar-powered, and 4G LTE SIM is used to send data. The visual processing unit in the camera box will examine every vehicle. The control room of the Motor Vehicles Department will receive photos of the vehicles that violated traffic laws as well as the driver. A system is in place to gather six months' worth of infraction footage. According to the Motor Vehicles Department, up to 30,000 penalty notifications may be delivered in a single day.

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