Indian Army's Quest for 170 Tracked ARVs Along Border with China and Pakistan

Indian Army's Quest for 170 Tracked ARVs Along Border with China and Pakistan

New Delhi - The Indian Army has announced its intention to acquire 170 tracked armoured recovery vehicles (ARVs), specialized vehicles designed to operate across various terrains, including plains, deserts, high altitudes, and mountainous regions. On Tuesday, the Army issued a Request for Information (RFI) to gather details from Indian suppliers, marking the initial step in the tendering process.

These ARVs play a crucial role in recovering tanks and heavy equipment in the event of operational breakdowns, and the Army requires them for both day and night operations, as well as in adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain, and sand. Currently, the Army employs BEML-manufactured vehicles based on Russian-made T-72 tank hulls for this purpose.

In hostile operational environments, these vehicles enhance the repair and recovery capabilities of the Army's armoured fighting vehicles. Officials emphasize that Armoured Recovery Vehicles hold significant tactical and logistical importance as they facilitate the progress of all armoured operations.

With the introduction of more mobile and heavier platforms like the T-90s and Arjun tanks, it becomes imperative to introduce recovery vehicles with corresponding mobility and repair capabilities into all mechanized formations.

According to the Request for Information published on Tuesday, the ARVs should possess sufficient cross-country mobility and protective features while accommodating six individuals, including the driver and commander.

The requirement also stipulates that these vehicles must be equipped with utility features like a crane, winches, and specialized maintenance tools to effectively perform a range of repair and recovery tasks.

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