Diplomatic Push for Gaza: Chinese Host Arab Ministers in Effort to End Conflict

Diplomatic Push for Gaza: Chinese Host Arab Ministers in Effort to End Conflict

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi welcomed diplomats from four Arab nations and Indonesia in Beijing, expressing commitment to collaborating with "brothers and sisters" in the Arab and Islamic world to swiftly resolve the Gaza conflict.

The ministers, including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority, commenced their global tour in Beijing, highlighting China's increasing geopolitical influence and longstanding support for Palestinians.
Wang emphasized the trust placed in China by stating, "China is a good friend and brother of Arab and Islamic countries."

Despite China's historical backing of Palestinians and criticism of Israeli settlements, it has not condemned the initial Hamas attack, distinguishing its stance from the U.S. and others. The Saudi foreign minister called for an immediate cease-fire and international efforts to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

China, the world's second-largest economy, has become more vocal in international affairs and played a role in brokering the Saudi-Iran ties. The ministers' tour aims to secure a cease-fire, deliver aid to Gaza, and end the conflict. Israel's retaliatory strikes have led to over 11,500 casualties, with 2,700 missing. The Palestinian Authority seeks to prevent Israel from gaining full control of Palestinian territories.

Israel's ambassador to China emphasized the collaboration on humanitarian aid and cautioned against politically motivated pressure. She urged the Security Council to focus on the "unconditional release of the 240 hostages" taken by Hamas, emphasizing a clear statement over a one-sided resolution.

The diplomats will continue their efforts globally, with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation's secretary general accompanying them to Beijing.

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