Pope Francis Urges Global Prayers for Victims of Terrorism in the Holy Land

Pope Francis Urges Global Prayers for Victims of Terrorism in the Holy Land

Speaking passionately during his Wednesday General Audience in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis renewed his call for prayers for those enduring the harrowing consequences of what he unequivocally labeled as terrorism in the Holy Land.

"This is not war; this is terrorism," declared  Pope, addressing the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. His appeal extended beyond the immediate region, encompassing the afflicted in Ukraine as well.

Earlier on November 22, Pope Francis held poignant meetings with delegations intimately affected by the strife. A group of Israelis with relatives held hostage in Gaza and a Palestinian delegation, consisting of both Christians and Muslims, shared their stories of suffering. Pope expressed his deep empathy for their pain, emphasizing that "wars do that" but underscored that the situation had transcended mere conflict.

"This is not war; this is terrorism," reiterated  Pope, urging global prayers for peace. He stressed the need to avoid being swayed by destructive passions and called for dialogue as a means to resolve issues.

The Holy See Press Office clarified that the meetings were solely of a humanitarian nature, emphasizing Pope Francis' commitment to demonstrating spiritual closeness to the individual suffering on both sides.

In concluding his appeal,  Pope fervently prayed for the Palestinian and Israeli people, imploring that peace may prevail.

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