Pope Urges Communicators: Forge Digital Unity for Catholics

Pope Urges Communicators: Forge Digital Unity for Catholics

Pope Francis, addressing a delegation of Catholic communicators, urged them to champion an "ecology of communication" in the digital realm, drawing inspiration from the exemplary life of Blessed Carlo Acutis.

Emphasising the evolving media landscape, Pope stressed the need for a renewed commitment to uphold human dignity, justice, truth, legality, and educational co-responsibility.

During an audience with representatives from the national Federation of Catholic Weeklies and other associations, Pope Francis underscored that communication is fundamentally about "sharing, weaving threads of communion, creating bridges without raising walls."

In navigating the fast-paced and information-saturated digital highways, Pope outlined three crucial paths for communicators.

First, he highlighted the importance of education as a vital tool for connecting generations immersed in digital culture. Encouraging prudence and simplicity, he remarked, "Prudence and simplicity are two basic educational ingredients for navigating today's complexity, especially on the web."

Catholic weeklies were acknowledged for their pivotal role in conveying not just momentary news but a Christian vision aimed at shaping minds and hearts. Pope Francis urged communicators to promote an "ecology of communication" that transcends news and scoops, emphasising the importance of respecting the feelings and stories of real people.

The second path emphasised the protection of the most vulnerable in society, including minors, the elderly, and disabled individuals, from the invasive nature of digital media. Pope Francis encouraged Catholic journalists to champion civic awareness in safeguarding the dignity of all, emphasising that this is a "question of communicative democracy."

Lastly, the Pope highlighted the path of testimony, citing Blessed Carlo Acutis as an exemplar who used technology to transmit the gospel and communicate values. Testimony, according to Pope Francis, is a form of prophecy and creativity that challenges communicators to go beyond their comfort zones and take risks.

In conclusion, Pope Francis entrusted the work of Italian communicators to Blessed Carlo Acutis and Saint Francis de Sales, the patron saints of Catholic journalists and writers. He expressed hope that they would guide communicators on the paths of formation, protection, and testimony.

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