UN Accuses Israel of Gaza Refuge Camp Attack Causing ‘Mass Causalities’

UN Accuses Israel of Gaza Refuge Camp Attack Causing ‘Mass Causalities’

GAZA/JERUSALEM - Israeli tanks reportedly targeted a significant U.N. compound in Gaza, housing displaced Palestinians, leading to what the U.N. described as "mass casualties."

The U.S. strongly condemned the attack, emphasizing the need to protect civilians and respect the sanctity of U.N. facilities. Israel denied responsibility, suggesting that Hamas might be behind the shelling. The U.N. reiterated that the compound was a clearly marked facility, and its coordinates were shared with Israeli authorities.

Israel's military initially identified the Khan Younis area as a Hamas base, acknowledging fighting near civilians.

Following U.S. criticism, Israel stated its forces didn't hit the center, and an ongoing review is examining the possibility of Hamas involvement. The ground offensive in Gaza has intensified, particularly around Khan Younis, where a significant displaced population faces challenges in leaving the area.

As night fell, U.N. staff struggled to access the affected area due to communication shutdowns. Palestinian officials reported a siege on Khan Younis, limiting access to hospitals and impeding rescue efforts. Israel asserted its operation aimed at dismantling Hamas' military framework, citing the presence of Hamas facilities in the densely populated area.

Health officials reported a rising death toll in Gaza, with thousands killed during the conflict. In Rafah, near Khan Younis, an airstrike hit a mosque, leading to casualties and destruction.

Residents faced challenges in finding safety, with one mother expressing desperation over the bombing of supposed safe havens. 

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