Pope: Listen to God, Confront Inner Struggles this Lent

Pope: Listen to God, Confront Inner Struggles this Lent

Pope Francis, in his Angelus address on the first Sunday of Lent, urged Christians to embark on a journey of introspection, drawing inspiration from the Gospel of Mark's depiction of Jesus facing temptation in the wilderness.

Encouraging believers to confront their inner struggles, Pope emphasized the importance of entering into the symbolic wilderness of silence and inner reflection. He likened this spiritual journey to Christ's experience in the desert, where he was both confronted by "wild beasts" and ministered to by angels.

Addressing the symbolic meaning of these encounters, Pope Francis described the "wild beasts" as manifestations of disordered passions that threaten to divide and imprison the human heart. These passions, he warned, can lead individuals astray if not confronted and tamed.

Identifying the temptations of wealth, pleasure, and fame as examples of these "wild beasts," Pope stressed the need for believers to acknowledge their presence and resist their allure.

In contrast to the destructive influence of these passions, Pope Francis highlighted the role of angels as messengers of God, offering assistance and guidance to those who seek it. He emphasized the transformative power of divine inspiration in unifying hearts and leading individuals towards goodness and harmony.

Calling for a period of silence and prayer during Lent to discern God's voice amidst the noise of the world, Pope posed two fundamental questions for reflection: What are the disordered passions that trouble the heart? And are believers willing to retreat into the wilderness of introspection to allow God's voice to resonate within them?

Concluding his address, Pope Francis invoked the intercession of the Holy Virgin to aid believers in resisting temptation and remaining steadfast in goodness throughout the Lenten season.

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