Pope Calls for Faith in Risen Christ to Experience True Life and Joy

Pope Calls for Faith in Risen Christ to Experience True Life and Joy

In an inspiring message delivered on Sunday,  during the Regina Coeli, Pope Francis emphasized the essence of faith in the resurrected Christ as the pathway to experiencing the fullness of life and joy. This profound address coincided with the celebration of the second Sunday of Easter, also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, a dedication made by Saint John Paul II.

Highlighting the day's Gospel, Pope Francis reflected on the meaning of truly having life, a quest that all individuals share. He critiqued the common pursuit of material satisfaction and fleeting pleasures as ultimately unfulfilling, stating that such endeavors do not lead to genuine happiness or life in its fullness.

Instead, Pope pointed to Jesus Christ as the source of true life. "To have life means to fix one's eyes on Jesus, both crucified and risen, to encounter Him in the Sacraments and in prayer, to acknowledge His presence among us, to believe in Him, and to allow ourselves to be transformed by His grace," Pope Francis elucidated. He stressed the importance of being inspired by Jesus's example to love and to harbor hope each day.

Pope Francis challenged the faithful to introspect on their belief in the power of Jesus's resurrection—His triumph over sin, fear, and death—and to examine the depth of their relationship with Him. Pope encouraged believers to open their hearts to the transformative impact of Jesus's love and to extend that love to others, thus spreading the hope and joy of Easter.

In his concluding prayer, Pope Francis invoked the Virgin Mary's intercession, asking for strengthened faith in the risen Christ among the faithful, so they may truly "have life" and disseminate the Easter joy to the world.

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