Pope Francis Announces 'Jubilee of Hope' for 2025

Pope Francis Announces 'Jubilee of Hope' for 2025

Cardinals, bishops, and pilgrims gathered in the atrium of St. Peter’s Basilica to witness Pope Francis officially declare the Jubilee of 2025.

Pope Francis announced, “I present the Papal Bull, Spes non confundit, for the Jubilee of 2025 to the archpriests of the papal basilicas, church representatives worldwide, and apostolic protonotaries.”

This Papal Bull revealed that the Jubilee of Hope will commence on 24 December with the opening of the Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica and conclude on 6 January 2026. Diocesan churches globally can inaugurate the Holy Year locally on 29 December.

Following the Jubilee announcement, Pope Francis led Vespers. During his reflection, he urged everyone to use the Year of Prayer leading up to the Jubilee to become “voices of hope in a world marked by despair.”

Pope explained, “Injustice and pride persist; the poor are neglected; wars cause death; the most vulnerable among us are marginalized, and the dream of a compassionate world seems distant.”

Pope Francis emphasized the need for hope among young people who often feel lost and among the elderly who are overlooked by a culture focused on efficiency and excess.

In the Papal Bull, the pope reiterated the call to embody hope during the Jubilee. He specifically encouraged visiting the sick in hospitals and proposed governments consider granting amnesty to prisoners.

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