Pope Francis Supports Ocean Action Meeting in San Jose

Pope Francis Supports Ocean Action Meeting in San Jose

Vatican City - In a message to Costa Rican Ambassador to the Holy See, Federico Zamora Cordero, Pope Francis expressed his support for the "High-Level Event on Ocean Action: Immersed in Change" taking place on 7 – 8 June in San José. The Pope underscored the symbolic significance of water and its vital role in human life and societal progress.

The event aims to address critical issues facing the world's oceans and serves as a platform for exchanging best practices and successful experiences related to ocean governance and health.

Pope Francis drew a parallel between the city of Rome and the oceans, highlighting how the ancient Romans celebrated the arrival of water that restored the city's grandeur after periods of scarcity and turmoil. He referenced the image of Oceanus, the sea god, in Rome's iconic Trevi Fountain, which depicts Oceanus navigating the streets of Rome on a chariot drawn by sea horses. This symbol, the Pope explained, serves as a powerful reminder of the city's historical relationship with water.

"It would almost seem as if the very city were immersed in the domains of the sea," the Pope remarked, emphasizing the deep connection between human civilization and the oceans.

The Holy Father lamented the current state of the world's water resources, noting how humanity has exploited this precious gift. "It is regrettable to note that we have perverted such epithets by turning what is useful, like water, into an object of exploitation," he said. He added, "We violate that which does humble and silent work for the common good. And instead of considering this gift of God as precious, we turn it into currency, a reason for speculation, and even a vehicle for extortion."

Citing St. Francis of Assisi's "Canticle of the Creatures," where water is described as "useful, humble, precious, and chaste," Pope Francis appealed for a return to these values and emphasized the need to honor and protect water as a divine gift.

The Pope also recalled the story behind Rome's famous Trevi Fountain, known as Acqua Vergine. It is named after a young maiden who guided Roman soldiers to a fresh spring, symbolizing purity and the life-giving properties of water. He warned that this purity and goodness are at risk due to human malice, selfishness, and environmental neglect. "All that goodness that water brings to ordinary people is in danger of being broken by malice, selfishness, and contempt for others," he warned.

Calling for a "radical change" in how humanity perceives and interacts with water, Pope Francis stressed the importance of recognizing water's role in food security and climate regulation. He urged collective action against pollution to restore the oceans' beauty and purity. "Let us value its common utility in food security, its humble work in climate regulation, fight against pollution to restore its precious beauty, and make a commitment not to violate its purity, leaving it as a legacy to future generations," he said.

Concluding his message, Pope Francis reflected, "May the image of this beautiful Roman fountain help us realize that our entire civilization is immersed in the ocean."

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