Public concerns should not be ignored: KCBC Vigilance Commission

Public concerns should not be ignored: KCBC Vigilance Commission

Kochi: The state needs development projects that do not ignore, but take the public into confidence, KCBC Vigilance Commission observed. There still are several people in Kerala who have lost everything, owing to development.

There are many instances where promises of the government are not kept. In light of such previous experiences, there are great concerns among the people. Government has the responsibility to resolve such concerns and it should not shy away from that, the Commission said.

At a time when the state is going through a great financial struggle, it is imperative to provide clear answers to the feasibility of projects that may invite huge liability. Lack of basic road transport infrastructure is a serious problem that the state is facing at the moment.

Proper roads and over bridges are the basic needs of the state. Without giving due importance to such fundamental basic developments, is it sensible enough to venture into new projects is something to be thought about.

From environmental- social activists to the common man, a large number of people are worried about the K - Rail project and the government has to be more transparent in this matter.

The KCBC Vigilance Commission has asked the government to allay all the concerns and make the right decision, at the same time, provide deserving justice to the people who lost their homes because of projects like road towards the Vallarpadam container terminal.

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