Should 'Divine Mysteries' of the Altar be decided on the streets?

Should 'Divine Mysteries' of the Altar be decided on the streets?

The Catholic Church has established rules, systems and methods to undertake decisions. The practice of mobilizing the faithful and the consecrated of the Church on to the streets, challenging the evangelical values, church rules and the governing bodies of the church, including the Pope, is something unheard of. It is evident from the events that have taken place in recent days that some people in the church have taken the stance that they will not accept any system or hierarchy of the church; instead they expect the general public of Kerala to administer justice to them.

There are open infractions of discipline and serious accusations within the church, and even priests who have been investigated by the police and charged with criminal offenses are seen in the public, carrying out their regular priestly duties and other responsibilities in the church. All these are very much confusing for any believer. The fact that this is happening in the Catholic Church baffles even the political parties.

Any student of history would wonder whether the Catholic Church, which has survived two thousand years of history and is still thriving forward, has such an erratic internal system. It is difficult to see such blatant indiscipline and defiance even in government systems where trade unions and political parties act as pressure centres.

'Indecision' at critical times does not solve problems, it only complicates them. Needless to say that it is this lack of decision making that caused the problems plaguing the Church so bad these days. The 'brilliants' are showing off their cleverness without restraint, mastering the strategy of putting those in charge of taking action on the defensive and putting the decision-making systems in crisis. Why do church authorities fail to understand this strategy? It cannot go unnoticed that today's situation of anarchy has pushed many believers into an insurmountable crisis of faith. It has even jeopardized the dedication of many priests as well.

Many people are forced to adopt a stance against the Church, out of coercion. Not only the faithful but many of the devoted also have turned against the Church, believing the arguments of priests who come to say the Mass every day. All these have negatively affected the Christians of Kerala in particular, and of India in general, like never before. Matters have reached a point where the credibility and integrity of the Catholic Church is being put on trial publicly. How can the faithful turn a blind eye towards all these? The deciding authorities are requested to firmly proceed with step-by-step corrective actions, without any further delay.

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