Acid rain likely with early spells of summer shower: Brahmapuram Impact

Acid rain likely with early spells of summer shower: Brahmapuram Impact

Kochi: The first spell of summer showers this year in and around Kochi would be laden with unsafe chemical materials as a result of the recent blaze at the Brahmapuram waste treatment plant on the periphery of this city. Such a phenomenon, widely known as acid rain, or acid deposition is inevitable in the aftermath of the unprecedented catastrophe brought about by inefficient waste management practices.

Acid rain denotes any form of precipitation with acidic components, such as sulfuric or nitric acid that fall to the ground from the atmosphere into wet or dry forms.

Summer showers or pre-monsoon rainfall is colloquially termed mango showers.

The possibility of the acidic substances in the summer rain adversely affecting humans, animals, and agriculture is high. The summer rain may also adversely impact the drinking water sources and the fish wealth in the water bodies in Ernakulam and surrounding districts.

Environmental scientists have cautioned that unless precautions are taken, there are possibilities of skin ailments such as rashes and itch skin being in humans and animals.

The chemical pollution in the air had even spread to Alappuzha, Kottayam, and Thrissur districts in recent days as firefighters tried to douse the fire even as noxious fumes spread far and wide making life difficult for the people of Kochi.

Kerala Health Minister said on Tuesday that discussions would be held with health experts in the State and outside as part of assessing the short- and long-term impact on the health of people who had inhaled the fumes.

An investigation will be conducted into allegations by family members of a 70-year-old Vazhakkala native, who died on Monday, that his condition had worsened after inhaling the toxic fumes from the dumping site.

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