Rajnath Singh Assures Strong Response from Army to Those Threatening India

Rajnath Singh Assures Strong Response from Army to Those Threatening India

New Delhi - Defence Minister Rajnath Singh affirmed India's enduring pursuit of peace while issuing a stern warning to those harboring "ill intention or hostility." This declaration comes amid the ongoing border dispute with China in eastern Ladakh and Pakistan's involvement in cross-border terrorism. On the cusp of India's 77th Independence Day, Singh emphasized the government's dedication to bolstering the armed forces with advanced weaponry and training to confront future challenges effectively.

"We not only seek peace but also demonstrate our commitment through tangible actions. Simultaneously, we remain resolute that any entity daring to approach us with malicious intent or aggression will encounter a resounding response from our forces," he stated.

Singh conveyed this message directly to soldiers through an All India Radio broadcast. He underscored the pivotal role of soldiers in safeguarding India's sovereignty, commending their unwavering dedication to border protection, even in harsh conditions.

"The armed forces can excel when equipped with top-notch gear and training. These efforts elevate soldiers' morale, enabling them to surmount obstacles and emerge triumphant," Singh added.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, Singh acknowledged the government's tireless efforts to furnish the military with cutting-edge equipment and instruction to surmount forthcoming trials.

Singh pointed out that the government has responded to emerging demands by establishing new branches and trades in the military. He expressed the nation's deep gratitude to its soldiers, acknowledging their presence in the hearts of India's 1.4 billion citizens.

Furthermore, Singh highlighted significant accomplishments, such as fulfilling the long-standing demand for the 'One Rank One Pension' scheme and promoting gender equality in the armed forces. Notably, women officers have been inducted into the artillery regiment for the first time, exemplifying strides taken toward gender parity. Singh also highlighted the historic inclusion of talented daughters in Sainik Schools, emphasizing the increased participation of brave women in the country's defense.

As India commemorates its 77th Independence Day, Singh's message resonates with the nation's commitment to peace and readiness to confront any threat with resolute strength.

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