Empowering Manipur's Youth: Irom Sharmila Calls for Restoring Normalcy

Empowering Manipur's Youth: Irom Sharmila Calls for Restoring Normalcy

KOCHI: Irom Sharmila Chanu, the civil rights activist, made an impassioned plea to the youth of the nation on Monday, urging them to play a role in restoring normalcy to Manipur. In her address, she criticized the BJP government for allegedly turning a blind eye to the ongoing violence in the northeastern state.

Speaking at the inauguration of a night-long protest in Muvattupuzha, held in solidarity with two women recently subjected to rape and public humiliation in Manipur amid the ongoing unrest, Chanu emphasized the urgent need for intervention. She expressed her hopes for nationwide support, particularly from the educated youth of Kerala, as she believes that they have the power to bring about transformative change in society.

Chanu pointed out the dire situation in Manipur, where agitators have managed to seize weapons from heavily guarded police stations, highlighting the need for effective law and order control. She stressed that blaming one another will not bring an end to the cycle of violence and criticized the Central government for seemingly ignoring the issue.

Recalling the horrifying incident of the public humiliation, Chanu underscored the importance of women's empowerment in addressing the prevailing challenges. Drawing parallels between Manipur and Kerala, she noted that women constitute over 50 percent of voters who elect male leaders. She highlighted the pressing need for women's empowerment to counter the suppression that continues to persist in male-dominated leadership.

The protest, organized by Mathew Kuzhalnadan, a Congress leader and MLA from Muvattupuzha, will continue until 12:30 AM on August 15. The event aims to raise awareness about the violence faced by women across the country and to express solidarity with the victims in Manipur. It witnessed the participation of women politicians, writers, social activists, and various performances, including dances and theater acts addressing the theme of violence against women.

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