India's Digital Transformation Showcased at G20 with UPI Payment Demonstrations

India's Digital Transformation Showcased at G20 with UPI Payment Demonstrations

New Delhi - Apart from highlighting its cultural heritage, diverse crafts, and culinary variety at the G20 summit, India is poised to showcase its strides in the digital sector. A senior official revealed that experience panels will be established for delegates to gain hands-on exposure to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment process. These panels will offer insights into how India has emerged as a leader in digital payments and will also detail the development of the CoWin app and the Aadhar system that connected over a billion people.

Muktesh K Pardeshi, Special Secretary for G20 Operations, conveyed in an interview with ANI that the G20 meetings will emphasize three key areas. However, he emphasized the intention to spotlight India's progress in the digital sphere. This will be achieved through the creation of experience zones that showcase technological and digital transformation achievements. Delegates will have the opportunity to interact with experience panels, gaining insights into processes like UPI payments and biometric enrollment for Aadhar, a unique identification system.

The G20 Summit, scheduled for September 9 and 10 in New Delhi, will also feature culinary offerings managed by the ITC, a prominent hotel chain. Pardeshi highlighted the emphasis on impeccable service and cuisine quality, including a focus on exploring India's street food.

Moreover, an exhibition named "Bharat, the Mother of Democracy" will highlight the roots of democracy in India, emphasizing its evolution over time through concepts like Sabha and Samiti.

With regard to logistical arrangements, Pardeshi assured ample parking space at the New Delhi airport and affirmed the country's sense of organizational excellence in hosting events. India has hosted around 200 G20-related meetings in 60 cities since assuming the G20 presidency in December.

As India aims to excel in both substantive G20 agendas and organizational skills, Pardeshi expects a glitch-free summit that not only offers hospitality but also showcases India's civilizational, cultural, and technological advancements.

Furthermore, Pardeshi noted that separate programs are arranged for the spouses of leaders, including visits to significant sites and curated shopping experiences. Regional and street foods are being prepared to exhibit the diversity of India's cuisine.

The 18th G20 Summit in New Delhi will serve as a culmination of a year's worth of G20 processes and meetings involving ministers, officials, and civil societies. The summit is expected to result in a G20 Leaders' Declaration that reflects commitments made during various meetings throughout the year.

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