New Film 'Mother Teresa and Me' Sheds Light on a Saint's Humanity

New Film 'Mother Teresa and Me' Sheds Light on a Saint's Humanity

In a compelling cinematic narrative set to hit 800 theaters across the United States on October 5th, a poignant film titled "Mother Teresa and Me" interweaves the lives of two women grappling with self-doubt, ultimately emerging triumphant in their respective callings.

The story revolves around Kavita, a young woman faced with an unexpected pregnancy and the agonizing decision of whether to undergo an abortion. Seeking solace in her Indian hometown, she receives wisdom from her elderly nanny about Mother Teresa's initial days serving the impoverished on the streets of Calcutta. This revelation of Mother Teresa's own moments of doubt inspires Kavita to forge ahead.

Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, the actress who brilliantly portrays Mother Teresa, recently shared her journey in preparing for this remarkable role. She discussed the profound impact of her visit to a Bollywood studio in Mumbai, India, where a chance encounter with street children deeply moved her. This encounter spurred her to take action, leading to the inception of the Zariya Foundation, which aims to alleviate suffering and enhance education and healthcare standards for disadvantaged youth worldwide.

Fritschi-Cornaz's idea for the film was not merely to depict the saintly figure of Mother Teresa but to reveal the human being behind the saint, highlighting her courage and unwavering commitment to facing the misery of the world each day. Unable to secure funding within Bollywood, Fritschi-Cornaz and her husband, Richard, embarked on the creation of both the foundation and the film, with the dual purpose of inspiring global audiences and providing vital support to impoverished children.

The film's production, funded entirely by donations, ensures that all proceeds can directly benefit those in need rather than being consumed by production costs. Fritschi-Cornaz immersed herself in the world of the Missionaries of Charity, the religious congregation founded by Mother Teresa, by working at Shishu Bhavan, a home for abandoned, physically and mentally challenged, malnourished, and ill children in Calcutta. She also spent time with Mother Teresa's relatives in Skopje, North Macedonia, receiving a cross from them, which she wore during the film's shooting.

To prepare for her role, Fritschi-Cornaz delved into Mother Teresa's personal letters, gaining insights into the saint's struggles and doubts throughout her life. The actress aims to convey the importance of perseverance, even in the face of adversity, through this film. She hopes it will inspire individuals worldwide to pursue their dreams and visions steadfastly, even when doubts and difficulties arise.

"Mother Teresa and Me" promises to be a source of inspiration, hope, and newfound strength for its audience, encouraging them to persevere and hold fast to their aspirations. With its upcoming release, this moving cinematic experience is set to touch hearts and kindle the flame of determination in viewers around the world.

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