Mary Helps To "Untie Our Knots", Pope Francis Underscores the Role Of Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary Helps To

Vatican City – Mary is our mother and advocate, who helps us "untie our knots", said Pope Francis as he convened with the Spanish Confraternity of Our Lady of Montserrat, marking the 800th anniversary of its establishment. The Holy Father underscored the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary as our maternal figure, assisting us in navigating the complexities of life.

During the meeting, Pope Francis conveyed his joy at receiving the pilgrims on the day designated for the celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary.

“To celebrate Mary is to celebrate the closeness and tenderness of God who is with His people, who does not leave us alone, who has given us a Mother who cares for us and accompanies us.”

He emphasized that honoring Mary equates to commemorating God's proximity and compassion, underscoring that God has granted us a Mother who nurtures and accompanies us.

Pope Francis acknowledged the importance of Marian devotion in the expressions of piety among God's devoted followers. He reflected on the countless individuals who, over the course of 800 years, have visited the shrine of Montserrat, offering prayers and expressions of gratitude to the beloved 'Moreneta.' He envisioned Mary, in the depths of her heart, gently advising each of her children, as she did at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, saying, "Follow whatever guidance Jesus provides."

The Holy Father further noted the evangelical influence of popular piety, creating fertile ground for the development and strengthening of bonds of friendship and brotherhood among diverse peoples. In this context, the Pope recognized the special place held by Marian devotion.

“Mary is a facilitator in conflicts and problems, like the lack of wine at weddings.”

Referring to Mary as both our "mother" and "facilitator," the Holy father expressed his view that the term "advocate" has taken on a somewhat functional connotation. He continued to explain that Mary serves as a mediator in resolving conflicts and issues, akin to her role in ensuring an adequate supply of wine at weddings.

Pope Francis highlighted Mary's role in paving the way for amicable relations among nations, urging us to turn our attention to the origin and purpose of our existence—Jesus Christ. He encouraged us to follow Christ's example, traversing paths of peace, kindness, attentive listening, and engaging in patient and trustful dialogue.

The Holy Father concluded by emphasizing that the Virgin of Montserrat, holding the world in her hands, encourages us to embrace universal fraternity devoid of limitations or exclusions, dispelling the shadows of confinement.

Pope Francis offered a prayer for Jesus' blessings upon the members of the Confraternity of Our Lady of Montserrat and sought the Blessed Virgin's continued guidance as they journey forward together.

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