Italy's New 'Laundromats of Compassion' Open Doors for the Homeless, Inspired by Pope Francis

Italy's New 'Laundromats of Compassion' Open Doors for the Homeless, Inspired by Pope Francis

Two facilities have opened in Turin, Italy, providing showers and washing machines to the homeless and economically disadvantaged, with a focus on offering cleanliness and dignity. These facilities were inspired by Pope Francis and his tireless advocacy for those suffering in various forms of misery.

These two locations, known as the 'Pope Francis Laundromats,' were inaugurated on November 2 in Turin.
One is located inside the Parish of San Giorgio Martire, and the other is in the town center, at the 'House of Friendship' within the 'La Sosta' center.

The initiative has received support from various businesses, including Procter & Gamble, and was realized through the involvement of the local Sant’Egidio community, which will operate both laundries. Haier Europe also collaborated on this project.

Leading companies in the hygiene sector will provide products for showering and washing clothes and blankets for the poor and homeless.

The 'Pope Francis Laundromats' in Turin are part of a larger effort, building on the ones opened in Rome in 2017 and Genoa in 2019, as well as a barber shop for the poor at St. Peter's Colonnade in 2015, all requested by Pope Francis. This project aligns with the call for "the imagination of mercy" as expressed in the 2016 apostolic letter Misericordia et misera.

Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Papal Almoner, emphasized that helping the poorest and most vulnerable is a Christian duty and a way to manifest God's presence and closeness to those in need. This initiative is seen as a source of joy and a means to be close to wounded humanity.

Daniela Sironi, the president of Sant'Egidio in Piedmont, described the scent of clean laundry as a note of affection and warmth, similar to the Pope's embrace. The opening of these facilities is seen as a timely gesture of support during difficult times.

Procter & Gamble and Haier Europe both share a vision of corporate citizenship and aim to bring about positive and concrete changes for people and the environment, leaving no one behind in their commitment to protecting basic rights and needs.

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