Fr. Francesco Patton Urges Global Action to Halt Indiscriminate Bombings in Gaza, Emphasizing Sanctity of Every Human Life

Fr. Francesco Patton Urges Global Action to Halt Indiscriminate Bombings in Gaza, Emphasizing Sanctity of Every Human Life

As the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deepens, Fr. Francesco Patton, the Custos of the Holy Land, passionately calls for an immediate cessation of indiscriminate bombings on civilians in the region. Addressing the 16th Day of the Associations of the Holy Land in Rome, Fr. Patton stressed the sacredness of every human being, irrespective of ethnicity, religion, or personal status.

"Everyone must cooperate to stop the bombing of civilians in Gaza. We must begin to consider the human person as sacred again, regardless of ethnicity, religion, and personal status," Fr. Patton emphasized during the event.

Expressing concern over the worsening situation in Gaza, where thousands have lost their lives, including newborns, the Italian Franciscan friar underscored the urgent need to protect human lives. He reminded the world that, for Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike, the human person holds immense value and dignity, echoing the shared beliefs of these three major religions.

Fr. Patton, reflecting on the challenges faced by the Christian community in Gaza, expressed hope that places of worship, including the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Family where many Christians are seeking shelter, would be respected amid the ongoing conflict.

In response to the devastating impact of Israeli bombings on hospitals, schools, and religious sites, Fr. Patton acknowledged the crucial role played by volunteers in the Holy Land. He highlighted their contribution in building bridges between global communities and the Holy Land, fostering connections not only with Christians but also with Israeli and Palestinian populations.

Expressing fears of a potential Christian exodus from the Holy Land once the conflict subsides, Fr. Patton pointed out the importance of Christians staying in the region. He emphasized that Christians have a unique calling to serve as bridges between Palestinians and Israelis, promoting coexistence and understanding.

"Christians must be deeply convinced that being Christian in the Holy Land and throughout the Middle East is a special calling, a kind of vocation, and not a curse," Fr. Patton urged. He warned that a departure of Christians would further diminish the space for coexistence in the region.

In conclusion, Fr. Patton issued a compelling appeal to end the suffering of civilians in Gaza. "We must all begin to consider the value and dignity of the human person again. This is to avoid fueling anti-human and terrorist ideologies," he emphasized, reinforcing the need for a collective effort to prioritize the sanctity of human life in the midst of the crisis.

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