Pope Francis Urges Global Peace, Denounces War Profiteering

Pope Francis Urges Global Peace, Denounces War Profiteering

In a fervent plea for global harmony, Pope Francis reiterated his call for peace during his Sunday address in St. Peter’s Square. Emphasizing that peace is achievable with goodwill, he implored men and women of goodwill to never accept war as a resolution.

"Peace is possible. Let us not resign ourselves to war," declared the Holy Father passionately, underscoring his belief that war is always a defeat. He emphasized the dire consequences of conflict, stating, “War always, always, always is a defeat.” Pope Francis pointedly identified the beneficiaries of such strife, stating unequivocally, “Only the weapons manufacturers gain.”

The Pope's urgent appeal extended to nations facing turmoil, focusing on Myanmar, where clashes between the military junta and the Arakan Army have endangered civilians. “I renew my closeness to the dear people of Myanmar who unfortunately continue to suffer from violence and suppression.

I pray that they will not be discouraged and always trust in the Lord's help,” he expressed with deep concern.

The pontiff didn’t overlook the ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the strife between Israel and Hamas. Urging prayers for these regions, he stated, “Let us continue to pray for the tormented Ukraine, and for the people of Palestine and Israel.”

Pope Francis' unwavering message remains: Peace is possible, and the world must not succumb to the tragedy of war.

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