Visakhapatnam Harbor Blaze: 25 Boats Incinerated, Navy Called in for Urgent Assistance

Visakhapatnam Harbor Blaze: 25 Boats Incinerated, Navy Called in for Urgent Assistance

Vishakhapatnam - A significant blaze erupted at a Vishakhapatnam harbor late last night, resulting in the destruction of at least 25 fishing boats. The magnitude of the fire necessitated the intervention of an Indian Navy vessel, as conventional fire engines struggled to contain the flames.

The financial impact of the incident is substantial, with each boat valued at nearly 15 lakh, estimating the total loss in the range of Rs 4-5 crores.

According to Vishakhapatnam Police Commissioner Ravi Shankar, the fire originated on a fishing boat during the late hours. Despite attempts to isolate and drift the boat away to prevent the fire from spreading, unfavorable winds and water currents brought it back to the jetty, leading to the ignition of neighboring boats.

The presence of diesel containers and gas cylinders on the boats exacerbated the situation, turning the entire jetty area into a blazing inferno. Fishermen suspect foul play, with suspicions ranging from criminal intent to the possibility of the fire being triggered during a party on one of the boats.

Disturbing visuals from the harbor depict firefighters struggling to extinguish the flames while helpless fishermen witness their livelihoods being consumed by the fire. Explosions in some boats, believed to be caused by the fire reaching fuel tanks, added to the panic in the area.

Senior police officer Ananda Reddy reported that the fire broke out around 11:30 pm, with cylinders on the boats causing blasts, urging people to maintain a safe distance. While the exact cause of the fire remains unconfirmed, no casualties have been reported. An investigation is underway, and a case has been filed.

Police Commissioner Ravi Shankar has announced a multidisciplinary probe to unravel the incident's details, involving authorities from the Vizag Port Trust, which owns the fishing harbor, as well as port, fisheries, and police departments.

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