Argentina Elects Far-Right Maverick Javier Milei as President in Upset Win

Argentina Elects Far-Right Maverick Javier Milei as President in Upset Win

Buenos Aires - In a surprising turn of events, far-right libertarian Javier Milei emerges victorious in Argentina's presidential election after his rival concedes. The TV celebrity turned politician, often likened to Donald Trump, secured 55.69% of the vote, propelling South America's second-largest economy into an uncertain and potentially tumultuous future.

Milei, who pledged to combat soaring inflation and widespread poverty, declared the start of Argentina's reconstruction. His promise of "drastic changes" includes abolishing the central bank and dollarizing the economy, aiming to address the country's severe economic crisis.

The 53-year-old's victory was met with celebration by supporters, including proclamations of hope from global far-right figures such as Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro and former US President Donald Trump. Elon Musk also expressed optimism for Argentina's prosperity.

However, left-wing leaders like Brazil's Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Colombia's Gustavo Petro voiced concerns over the extreme right's triumph, while Milei's opponents within Argentina expressed shock at the election of the controversial figure known for his radical ideas and erratic behavior.

Analysts warn of potential risks as Argentina ventures into uncharted territory, emphasizing the unpredictability of Milei's policies and the possibility of social unrest if his maximalist vision for the country is aggressively pursued. The election outcome reflects a sense of desperation among voters, willing to take a gamble for change despite the uncertainties associated with Milei's radical and inexperienced political approach.

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