US President Biden Declares Commitment to Israel-Hamas Mission Until All Hostages Are Returned

US President Biden Declares Commitment to Israel-Hamas Mission Until All Hostages Are Returned

Washington - Following the release of 13 hostages in Israel, President Joe Biden has pledged an unwavering commitment to ensuring the return of every hostage to their loved ones. During a press briefing, he emphasized his determination, stating that the release of the hostages, including an American, was the result of extensive US diplomacy.

President Biden mentioned his close communication with the leaders of Qatar, Egypt, and Israel over the past weeks, underscoring the effort invested by him and his team. He particularly highlighted the case of 4-year-old Israeli-American Avigail Idan, who had been in Hamas captivity after witnessing a terror attack that claimed her mother's life.

Expressing the unimaginable ordeal Idan endured, President Biden revealed that he had personally pressed for her release in a recent call with the emir of Qatar. He expressed hope for an extension of the truce to facilitate the release of more hostages, noting Israel's agreement to extend the truce for an additional day for every 10 Israeli hostages released.

President Biden also emphasized his ongoing efforts to secure a pause in the conflict to evacuate hostages from Gaza and provide humanitarian aid. He acknowledged the suffering of innocent children in Gaza and reiterated his commitment to advancing a two-state solution after the war.

Regarding the humanitarian aspect, he mentioned that around 200 trucks of aid have entered Gaza during the past three days of the truce. President Biden stressed the collective regional goal to end the conflict, release all hostages, and diminish Hamas control in any part of Gaza.

After the release, hundreds of Israelis celebrated in Ofakim as the convoy proceeded to Hatzerim Airbase near Beersheba. The Israel Defence Forces received the 13 hostages from the Red Cross near the border fence in northern Gaza, with one taken by helicopter to a hospital and the remaining 12 transported in a convoy to the Hatzerim airbase.

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