India-UN Development Partnership Fund: 76 Projects in 54 Nations, Affirms UNGA President

India-UN Development Partnership Fund: 76 Projects in 54 Nations, Affirms UNGA President

New York - United Nations General Assembly President Dennis Francis has extended congratulations to India and the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation for six years of a collaborative partnership.

He highlighted the noteworthy achievement of the India-UN Development Partnership Fund, which has supported 76 projects across 54 nations in the Global South, emphasizing the significance of this accomplishment.

In a statement, Francis expressed, "The India-UN Development Partnership Fund has supported 76 projects in 54 countries across the Global South. This is no small feat, especially in this age of shrunken fiscal spaces compounded by the impacts of the pandemic and other global shocks. Congratulations to India and @UNOSSC for six productive years of this collaborative partnership - fostering inclusivity and advancing the principle of leaving no one behind."

During an event commemorating six years of collaborative partnership, he commended the theme of empowering vulnerable communities and lauded India and the UN Office for South-South Cooperation for their productive collaboration. The India-UN Development Partnership Fund has made strides across all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing areas such as climate resilience, livelihood development, health, education, agriculture, and food security.

Francis emphasized the broad reach of the Partnership Fund, benefiting diverse regions and emphasizing support for Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and Least Developed Countries (LDCs). He commended India's commitment to development, acknowledging its dynamic role in the Global South.

The President expressed satisfaction that the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) is a significant focus of the Fund, supporting Southern-owned and led sustainable development projects. He highlighted initiatives, such as the establishment of a telemedicine system in Trinidad and Tobago, contributing to the fulfillment of Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG3) and fostering cross-cutting impacts.

Praising India's global leadership, Francis commended its role in addressing challenges and its strong voice in multilateral affairs. He acknowledged India's G20 Presidency for including the African Union as a permanent member, signaling a commitment to solidarity and fairness in global economic governance.

Highlighting India's enduring partnership with the UN, Francis recognized its contributions to democracy, women-led development, and the adoption of the 2030 Agenda and its SDGs. He underscored the partnership's role as a guiding light in the spirit of South-South Cooperation within the Global South.

Looking ahead, Francis called for steadfast resolve in advancing the 2030 Agenda amid overlapping crises, emphasizing the need for innovation to shape new economic modes that incentivize collective development efforts. He noted the impact of UN events on the Global South, from high-Level Meetings to conferences addressing specific challenges, underlining the importance of these initiatives.

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