Ron DeSantis Withdraws from Presidential Race, Throws Support Behind Trump

Ron DeSantis Withdraws from Presidential Race, Throws Support Behind Trump

Washington - On Sunday, January 21, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis exited the 2024 presidential race, throwing his support behind former US President Donald Trump.

DeSantis withdrew ahead of the Republican primary election in New Hampshire, where he was polling in the single digits. Once considered a formidable contender, he cited a lack of a "clear path to victory" in his announcement on social media platform X.

Nikki Haley, Trump's remaining challenger, asserted herself as the sole candidate capable of defeating President Joe Biden. The upcoming primary in New Hampshire on January 23 will pit Trump against Haley in the second state-by-state contest to determine the Republican nominee for the November general election.

In a five-minute video, DeSantis expressed that his campaign had given its all and acknowledged his endorsement of Trump, who secured 51% of the vote and a significant victory in Iowa.

While acknowledging past disagreements, DeSantis emphasized Trump's superiority over Biden, whom he believes is likely to be the Democratic nominee. Affirming his commitment to the Republican nominee, DeSantis signed off, honoring his pledge.

Trump, greeted with loud cheers after DeSantis's withdrawal, praised his former opponent as a "really terrific person" during a subsequent rally. DeSantis had positioned himself as a candidate capable of championing Trump's populist agenda without the associated baggage or drama.

Following DeSantis's announcement, the Trump campaign called on Republicans to unite in support of the former president. They criticized Nikki Haley as "the candidate of the globalists and Democrats," labeling her a representative of the "old Republican guard." DeSantis also took a swipe at Haley, characterizing her as a member of the "warmed-over corporatism" of yesteryear.

In response, Haley insisted she was the only conservative candidate capable of defeating Biden, expressing determination to continue in the race.

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