Indian Navy Rescues 19 from Somali Pirates in Second Operation

Indian Navy Rescues 19 from Somali Pirates in Second Operation

Indian naval forces have successfully rescued 19 Pakistani sailors after their fishing vessel fell prey to pirates off the coast of Somalia. This marks the second daring rescue operation within 36 hours conducted by the Indian warship INS Sumitra. The vessel had previously saved the 17-member Iranian crew of another ship that had fallen victim to piracy.

The surge in pirate activities in the region has raised concerns about renewed threats to maritime security. INS Sumitra, deployed for maritime security operations along the east coast of Somalia and the Gulf of Aden, promptly responded to distress calls from vessels in need.

On January 28, the naval ship intercepted an Iranian-flagged vessel following a distress signal. Naval officers successfully compelled the pirates to release the 17 crew members along with the vessel. The ship was thoroughly sanitized before being allowed to continue its journey. The fate of the pirates remains undisclosed.

The following day, the Indian Navy revealed that INS Sumitra was once again mobilized to locate and intercept the Iranian-flagged fishing vessel Al Naeemi. Navy personnel boarded the vessel, ensuring the crew's well-being and sanitizing the vessel. A photograph shared on social media depicted armed Navy personnel guarding individuals with bound hands.

The rise in piracy off Somalia's coast is believed to be linked to disruptions in maritime security caused by Houthi attacks on ships in the Red Sea. In response to a distress call from the Marlin Luanda, a tanker linked to the UK, the Indian Navy deployed INS Visakhapatnam in the Gulf of Aden on January 26. The vessel had been engulfed in flames for several hours after being struck by a missile fired by the Houthi rebels. French and US naval ships also assisted in the operation.

In an earlier incident in January, Indian navy commandos successfully rescued 21 crew members from a Liberian-flagged ship attacked by pirates off the Somalian coast. The international community continues to monitor and respond to escalating threats to maritime security in the region.

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