Imran Khan's Allies Take Lead in Pakistan Election's Final Tally

Imran Khan's Allies Take Lead in Pakistan Election's Final Tally

Lahore - Independent candidates supported by the jailed former Prime Minister Imran Khan's PTI party have emerged as frontrunners in the final results of Pakistan's general election.

Securing 101 seats in the National Assembly, independents, most of whom were backed by PTI, have outpaced Nawaz Sharif's PMLN, which secured 75 seats. With the government formation uncertain, independent candidates who didn't win have inundated courts with allegations of vote-rigging.

PTI and PMLN both aim to lead the next government. The unexpected outcome defied expectations, as Sharif's party, perceived to have military backing, was anticipated to win, particularly after Khan's incarceration and PTI's exclusion from the ballot.

For a government formation, a candidate needs a simple majority of 169 seats in the National Assembly. PMLN has initiated discussions with PPP, led by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, to forge a coalition for political stability.

Additionally, the MQM party from Karachi made a surprising comeback, winning 17 seats, potentially influencing coalition dynamics.

Of the National Assembly's 366 seats, 266 are determined by direct voting, while 70 are reserved, allocated based on each party's strength.

PTI, along with other parties, has alleged election rigging and called for protests. Police action, including tear gas, dispersed protestors in Rawalpindi.

Amidst negotiations and legal challenges, including claims of result tampering, Pakistan faces a prospect of prolonged political uncertainty and instability.

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