Pope Francis Urges Faithful: Stay Focused on Jesus' Light

Pope Francis Urges Faithful: Stay Focused on Jesus' Light

During his weekly Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis emphasized the importance of keeping our focus on the light of Jesus amidst life's trials. Reflecting on the Gospel narrative of the Transfiguration, where Jesus reveals His glory to His disciples, the Pope urged believers to never divert their gaze from Christ's radiance.

"Let's open ourselves to the light of Jesus, and let's never be diverted from His light!" Pope Francis proclaimed, echoing the message of unwavering devotion to Christ presented in the day's scripture.

Drawing a parallel to the steadfast focus of farmers plowing fields, the Pope highlighted the need for Christians to fix their eyes on Christ's luminous presence throughout life's journey. He encouraged the faithful to embrace a Lenten resolution of seeking the light of Jesus in prayer and in others.

Asking poignant questions to prompt self-reflection, Pope Francis challenged believers to assess whether they keep their gaze fixed on Christ amid life's challenges, and if they actively seek out and appreciate the light of Jesus in themselves and in others.

In conclusion, the Pope invoked the intercession of Mary, asking that she, "radiant with the light of God," guide believers in keeping their focus on Jesus and viewing one another with trust and love.

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