Balkan Support Bolsters Ukraine's Peace Efforts

Balkan Support Bolsters Ukraine's Peace Efforts

TIRANA - President Volodymyr Zelenskiy actively sought backing from Balkan nations for his peace plan in Ukraine while advocating for collaborative arms production during a regional summit in Tirana, Albania. With Ukraine facing a challenging military landscape amid dwindling U.S. support during Russia's prolonged invasion, Zelenskiy emphasized the need for joint defense efforts. He highlighted the potential of co-production ventures and proposed a Ukrainian-Balkans defense forum to bolster arms cooperation, drawing attention to the shortfall in ammunition supplies impacting Ukraine's defensive capabilities.

Addressing delegations from Albania, Bulgaria, Serbia, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Moldova, and Romania, Zelenskiy underscored the collective strength required to counter Russian aggression. Despite facing varying degrees of involvement and alignment with NATO and Western sanctions against Russia, the Balkan countries showcased solidarity, with some providing tangible support to Ukraine.

Zelenskiy's discussions with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic highlighted the importance of constructive dialogue in pursuit of peace, acknowledging Serbia's stance and its role in the conflict. The summit resulted in a joint declaration affirming support for Ukraine and readiness to engage in a peace summit proposed by Zelenskiy, albeit without Russian involvement.

Beyond military cooperation, Zelenskiy also signed a friendship and cooperation agreement with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, underlining broader diplomatic efforts. Expressing frustration over delays in weapons supplies to Ukraine, Zelenskiy emphasized the significance of timely support, framing any delays as advantageous to Putin's agenda.

Overall, the summit underscored regional support for Ukraine's peace initiatives and commitment to aiding in its recovery and reconstruction post-conflict, signaling a united front against Russian aggression while emphasizing diplomatic solutions.

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