Amidst Conflict, Gaza Teen Finds Strength in Faith

Amidst Conflict, Gaza Teen Finds Strength in Faith

In Gaza City, amidst the chaos of the Israel-Hamas conflict, 18-year-old Suhail Shadi Abu Dawod had been eagerly awaiting his visa for Italy to join the Institute of the Incarnate Word (IVE) and pursue his vocation. Despite the disruption caused by the war, Abu Dawod remains steadfast in his faith and commitment to his calling.

Living with his family at the Latin Parish of the Holy Family in northern Gaza for the past five months, Abu Dawod finds solace and strength in his faith. Through his service as an altar server, caring for the youth, and assisting in the production of sacramental hosts, he remains dedicated to his spiritual journey. Despite the violence surrounding him, Abu Dawod's faith only grows stronger, finding comfort in prayer, the teachings of saints, and his devotion to Jesus Christ.

As a volunteer at Mother Teresa's charity, Abu Dawod's experiences have deepened his understanding of spirituality and compassion. Throughout the hardships of war, he maintains unwavering faith in God's mercy and presence.

Refusing to leave their parish despite the dangers, Abu Dawod and fellow Christians in Gaza stand firm in their belief, likening themselves to Noah's Ark in the flood. Through his words of hope and resilience, Abu Dawod embodies the unwavering faith of his community.

In the midst of Lent, Abu Dawod reflects on his journey with renewed purpose, embracing fasting, prayer, and forgiveness. Even in the face of conflict, he finds meaning in the concept of resurrection, symbolizing God's love and victory over darkness.

Dedicating himself to serving others as he prepares for Easter, Abu Dawod's prayers are focused on peace and justice in the Holy Land. Despite the challenges, his resolve remains unshaken as he continues to spread love and hope in the midst of adversity.

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