Launch of First Norwegian Catholic Bible Edition Marks Historic Milestone

Launch of First Norwegian Catholic Bible Edition Marks Historic Milestone

The Norwegian Bible Society has made history with the release of the country's first-ever Catholic edition of the Bible, a monumental step for Norway's Catholic community. Published on March 15, this edition sets itself apart not just for its inclusivity but also for the collaborative effort that went into its creation. Linguists, Scripture experts, poets, and literary authors, including Nobel laureate Jon Fosse, joined forces to bring this project to fruition.

Heidi Haugros Oyma, the Catholic editor deeply involved in the project, emphasized the significance of including the Deuterocanonical books, calling it a move toward a more inclusive and ecumenical approach to Scripture in Norway. This correction of a long-standing omission influenced by historical pressures presents a truly ecumenical Bible that embraces the entire Christian canon.

The Catholic community's response has been one of joy and appreciation. Pal Johannes Nes, co-founder of EWTN Norway, expressed the magnitude of this event, noting its importance for having a Catholic canon in the Norwegian language. He also highlighted its role in the re-evangelization efforts in Norway, particularly through Mission 2030.

The project's commitment to linguistic diversity is evident in its translation into both of Norway's official written languages, Bokmål and Nynorsk, ensuring accessibility and acknowledging Norway's rich linguistic heritage. The collaboration between the Catholic Diocese of Oslo and the Bible Society underscores a united Christian mission that transcends denominational divides.

Heidi Haugros Oyma highlighted the ecumenical spirit that guided this collaboration, emphasizing the growing awareness within the Norwegian Bible Society of the importance of a Catholic edition of the Bible. This sentiment speaks to the project's goal of fostering a more inclusive understanding of Christian Scripture across denominational lines.

The launch of this edition is anticipated to enrich the spiritual life of Norwegian Catholics and serve as a cultural landmark, showcasing the contributions of Norwegian authors to biblical literature. Oyma emphasized the broader significance of this publication within Norway's religious and cultural context, stating that it affirms the Catholic presence in the cultural and Christian landscape.

The new Catholic Bible edition embodies linguistic inclusivity, ecumenical collaboration, and cultural enrichment, promising to be a source of pride and unity for Norway's Christian community and inviting deeper engagement with holy Scripture.

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