Pope Francis: Gift and Forgiveness Define God's Glory

Pope Francis: Gift and Forgiveness Define God's Glory

During his weekly Angelus address, Pope Francis delved into the Gospel message of the Fifth Sunday of Lent, emphasizing the profound meaning of the Cross in revealing the glory of Jesus and the Father. He highlighted that true glory, in God's eyes, transcends worldly measures like success or fame, focusing instead on the sacrificial love exemplified by Christ's selflessness on the Cross.

Pope stressed that the essence of God's glory lies in the acts of gift-giving and forgiveness, as epitomized by Jesus' ultimate sacrifice. He contrasted this divine standard with the fleeting nature of worldly glory, which often leads to division and envy rather than genuine joy and fulfillment.

Encouraging introspection, Pope Francis prompted his audience to ponder their own aspirations for glory, questioning whether they align with worldly values or with the path of selfless giving and forgiveness demonstrated by Christ. He emphasized that when individuals choose the latter path, they become vessels through which God's glory shines forth in the world.

In conclusion, Pope Francis invoked the intercession of the Virgin Mary, who exemplified unwavering faith during Jesus' Passion, asking for her guidance in embodying God's love through acts of generosity and forgiveness.

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