Unique Bengaluru Event Showcases 111 Marian Apparitions

Unique Bengaluru Event Showcases 111 Marian Apparitions

In a landmark event, a Catholic parish in Bengaluru, Southern India, showcased a live exhibition titled "Maria Divina – 111 Shades of Grace," featuring various Marian apparitions to promote unity and reverence towards the Blessed Virgin Mary. The inauguration, led by Archbishop Peter Machado of Bangalore and Bishop Sebastian Adayanthrathm of Mandya, marked a historic moment as the display earned recognition from the esteemed Best of India Records.

Hosted at the St. Thomas Forane Church and Diocesan Pilgrim Centre in Dharmaram, Bengaluru, the event witnessed 111 women embodying different Marian forms, captivating the audience for a two-hour spectacle. This initiative, organized in collaboration with the church's youth committee, aimed to rejuvenate community spirit among parishioners, especially amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fr. Anto Kanjirathinkal, CMI, the vicar parish priest, emphasized the significance of such cultural celebrations in rekindling the bond between the faithful and the Church during times of social distancing. Through meticulous planning and a year-long preparation process, the parishioners ensured a seamless execution of the event, with a dedicated team of 300 individuals meticulously attending to every detail, including makeup, costumes, and accessories.

St. Thomas Forane Church, as the first Syro-Malabar church outside Kerala, has consistently strived to strengthen its ties with the community and nurture spiritual growth. The "Maria Divina" display served as a testament to this commitment, fostering a sense of unity and devotion among parishioners. Moreover, the active involvement of the church's youth underscored a shared dedication to serving the church and aligning with Pope Francis' vision for young people.

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