Pope Francis Champions Youth as Pioneers of Progress on Christus vivit’s Fifth Anniversary

Pope Francis Champions Youth as Pioneers of Progress on Christus vivit’s Fifth Anniversary

In an uplifting address commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Apostolic Exhortation ‘Christus vivit,’ Pope Francis has fervently called upon young people globally to spearhead a dynamic journey towards progress within the Church. Drawing on the foundational spirit of ‘Christus vivit,’ crafted in the aftermath of the pivotal 2018 Synod on “young people, faith, and vocational discernment,” Pope's message radiates with encouragement and a clarion call for youth to actively shape their future with the Church.

Underlining his address with the vibrant assertion that “Christ is alive and He loves you with an infinite love,” Pope Francis extended an open invitation to young individuals to foster a deep-seated companionship with Christ. Emphasizing the transformative power of such a relationship, he envisioned it as a cornerstone for navigating the vicissitudes of life with joy, resilience, and an unwavering hope.

Pope's message did not shy away from acknowledging the daunting realities of a world beset by conflicts and suffering. Yet, against this backdrop, his words emerge as a beacon of renewed hope, urging the youth not only to find solace in their faith but also to become its ardent emissaries. By recalling his emblematic encouragement to “make a mess” — a call for creative, spirited engagement in the world — Pope Francis reiterated the significant role young people play in rejuvenating the Church and the broader community with their unique energies and perspectives.

Reflecting on the journey since the publication of Christus vivit, Pope Francis celebrated the document as a testament to the Church’s commitment to progress through collective reflection, dialogue, and discernment. As the Church sails into the waters of the Synod on Synodality, Pope positioned the youth at the helm, urging them to lend their inventiveness and zeal to chart new courses while staying true to their roots.

Acknowledging young people as the “living hope of the Church on the move,” Pope Francis extended heartfelt gratitude for their indispensable contributions and presence within the ecclesial community. His message culminated in a rousing appeal to never forsake the Church of their vivacity, their capability to “make a mess” in the most constructive sense, and their unique expressions of the joy that stems from the Resurrection of Jesus.

Pope Francis’s address, thus, stands not just as a commemoration of a landmark document but as a forward-looking manifesto that envisions the youth as vital architects of a Church that is continually evolving, responsive, and above all, alive with the promise of Christ’s eternal love.

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