Pope Francis Urges Christians to Embrace Mercy and Forgiveness

Pope Francis Urges Christians to Embrace Mercy and Forgiveness

Pope Francis emphasizes the importance of tending to Christ's wounds in humanity, following the example of St. Francis of Assisi, during a special audience with Franciscan friars. The occasion marked the 800th anniversary of St. Francis receiving the stigmata, a profound sign of Christ's suffering and victory.

Addressing the Friars Minor, Pope Francis called on all Christians to emulate "Christ poor and crucified," emphasizing the significance of St. Francis' stigmata as channels of mercy and grace. He highlighted the duty of every Christian to care for those bearing the scars of suffering, injustice, or past mistakes, viewing them as opportunities to extend God's forgiveness and love.

Pope Francis praised the Franciscans for their role as reconcilers and forgivers, urging them to embody unity and forgiveness within the Church. He encouraged them to be "repairers" of the Church through their mission of continual forgiveness, reflecting the unwavering forgiveness of God.

Drawing from the example of St. Francis, Pope Francis emphasized the centrality of Christ's love in the Church's mission, urging the Friars Minor to radiate this immense love to the world. He reflected on the transformative power of St. Francis' life, noting that even in his homeland of Argentina, the Franciscan habit evokes thoughts of St. Francis and the graces bestowed upon him.

In conclusion, Pope Francis celebrated St. Francis of Assisi as a companion and guide, urging all Christians, especially the Franciscans, to embrace their mission of mercy, forgiveness, and love in a wounded world seeking healing and reconciliation.

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