Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Share Personal Encounters with the Lord

Pope Francis Urges Faithful to Share Personal Encounters with the Lord

During his Sunday Regina Coeli address on the third Sunday of Easter, Pope Francis encouraged believers to reflect on their personal encounters with the Lord and emphasized the beauty of sharing and transmitting their faith experiences.

Pope reflected on the Gospel passage from Luke where the disciples recounted their encounter with Jesus after the Emmaus journey, emphasizing how this encounter transformed their lives and continues to impact all believers.

Pope Francis highlighted the profound impact of encountering the living Lord and stressed the importance of sharing these experiences with others, not as lecturers, but as witnesses of the joy, consolation, and peace found in Christ.

He urged everyone to reflect on their own moments of encountering the Lord, encouraging them to share these experiences within their families, communities, and friendships. He emphasized the need to revisit these encounters, as doing so would allow Jesus to surprise and enrich our lives further.

Pope invited a moment of silent reflection, encouraging individuals to recall when the Lord drew close to them and how they responded to that encounter. He posed questions about sharing these encounters and listening to others' experiences of Christ.

Pope Francis concluded by asking for the Blessed Mother's intercession in helping believers share their faith, thereby making their communities places of ongoing encounter with the Lord.

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