Non-verbal Deacon Joseph to Celebrate Mass in Sign Language

Non-verbal Deacon Joseph to Celebrate Mass in Sign Language

It will be a historic moment in the Indian Catholic Church when Deacon Joseph Thermadam, who is deaf and speechless, offers Mass in sign language. On May 2, 36-year-old Deacon Joseph Thermadam will receive ordination from Archbishop Mar Andrews at Vyakulamata Basilica in Thrissur.

Deacon Joseph is a member of the Congregation of the Holy Cross. He was born in Thrissur, Kecheri, as the youngest son of TL Thomas and Rosy Thermadathil. Joseph was born deaf and speechless and studied in Mumbai while staying with relatives. After graduating, he went to the US in 2008.

Having nurtured a desire to become a priest since childhood, Joseph joined the seminary of the Dominican Missionaries of the Deaf. Final provision was taken in 2012. In 2017, after learning about the work of the Holy Cross Church among the hearing challenged, he left the Dominican Church and joined Holy Cross.

Subsequently, when Father Biju Mulakkara, a Holy Cross priest, learned about Navadhwani founded by Aymanath, Joseph went to Navadhwani for training. He later completed his priestly studies at Holy Cross Seminary in Pune and was ordained as a deacon. Navadhwani conducted classes and trainings for those who are hearing and speech challenged.

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