Diocese Closes School After Gun Attack: Safety of Students Priority

Diocese Closes School After Gun Attack: Safety of Students Priority

The Diocese of Makurdi in Nigeria has taken swift action following a disturbing incident at Father Angus Frazer Memorial High School. Gunmen reportedly infiltrated the school late on Tuesday, May 7, firing indiscriminately while students were asleep. Thanks to the courageous response of the school principal and civil defense officers, a potentially catastrophic situation was averted, although one officer was injured.

In response to this harrowing attack, the Diocese has made the urgent decision to shut down all operations at the school immediately. This proactive measure aims to safeguard the lives of students and staff while authorities investigate the incident. The safety of the children is paramount, as emphasized by Father Moses Iorapuu, the director of social communications for the Makurdi Diocese.

During a meeting convened by Bishop Wilfred Anagbe, it was unanimously agreed by diocesan officials, education experts, and management that the well-being of the children must take precedence. The Diocese is deeply concerned about the escalating violence in the area, especially the recent surge of attacks on schools, which underscores the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

Father Angus Frazer Memorial High School, situated in Benue State's capital, has unfortunately become a target due to the alarming trend of violence and kidnappings in the vicinity. The Diocese has urged all priests and pastoral units to strengthen security around their premises, emphasizing the importance of collaboration with authorities to ensure the safety of all citizens.

This closure underscores the seriousness of the security situation facing communities in this region and highlights the resolve of the Diocese to prioritize the protection of students and staff above all else during this challenging period.

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