Pope Francis: Jesus Leads Us to Heaven Through Ascension

Pope Francis: Jesus Leads Us to Heaven Through Ascension

During the Regina Caeli address in Saint Peter's Square on Ascension Sunday, Pope Francis emphasized the profound significance of Jesus' return to the Father, which paves the way to Heaven for all believers. He described Christ's ascension not as a farewell, but as a glimpse of our ultimate destiny. Drawing an analogy to climbing a mountain with a guide, Pope illustrated how Jesus, our leader, lifts the Church towards Heaven, ensuring that no member is left behind.

Pope Francis stressed that as Christ's followers, we ascend joyfully with Him, recognizing that each step taken by one benefits the entire body of believers. He pointed to the Gospel, highlighting the actions required of us—such as acts of love, hope, and compassion—to emulate Jesus' example. By doing so, we are transformed by His Spirit, experiencing a spiritual lightness akin to mountain air.

Pope challenged the faithful to introspect, questioning whether their desires align with God's eternal love and life, or if they are entangled in transient worldly pursuits like wealth or pleasure. He urged a shift towards love for fellow companions on the journey to Heaven, rather than isolating oneself in pursuit of personal salvation.

In conclusion, Pope Francis invoked the Virgin Mary's intercession, asking her to guide us joyfully towards the heavenly glory, united in love and companionship on this spiritual ascent.

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