Are You Truly Free? Pope Francis Challenges the Faithful at Sunday Angelus

Are You Truly Free? Pope Francis Challenges the Faithful at Sunday Angelus

During his Sunday Angelus address, Pope Francis urged the faithful to reflect on their freedom in comparison to Jesus' detachment from money, power, and superficiality. He asked, "Are you free, like Jesus was, or imprisoned by the superficial?"

 Pope drew on the day's Gospel reading from St. Mark, which highlights varied reactions to Jesus' ministry: His relatives worried He was mad, while religious authorities accused Him of being influenced by an evil spirit. In reality, Jesus preached and healed through the power of the Holy Spirit, which made Him divinely free to love and serve unconditionally.

Pope Francis encouraged contemplation of Jesus' freedom. He noted that Jesus was free from wealth, choosing a life of poverty and uncertainty. Jesus healed and helped without seeking anything in return.

Furthermore, Jesus was free from the pursuit of power. Despite calling many to follow Him, He never forced anyone or sought the support of the powerful, always aligning with the least and teaching His disciples to do the same.

Jesus was also free from the pursuit of fame and approval. He spoke the truth even when it was unpopular, leading to misunderstanding and ultimately His crucifixion.  Pope emphasized that Jesus was never intimidated, bought, or corrupted.

Pope Francis explained that Jesus' freedom teaches a crucial lesson: pursuing pleasure, power, money, or approval makes us slaves to these things. However, embracing God's love allows us to grow in freedom and spread its positive influence in our homes, families, and communities.

He challenged the faithful to ask themselves, "Am I a free person? Or am I imprisoned by the myths of money, power, and success, sacrificing my peace and that of others? Do I bring an atmosphere of freedom, sincerity, and spontaneity to my surroundings?"
 Pope concluded by invoking the Blessed Mother to help us live and love as Jesus did, in the freedom of God's children.

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