Thrissur Archdiocese Observes St Thomas Day as 'Rights Day'

Thrissur Archdiocese Observes St Thomas Day as 'Rights Day'

The Archdiocese of Thrissur observed July 3rd, the feast day of Dukrana, as "Rights Day." Many devotees participated in the rally and protests from Thrissur Ayanthol to the Collectorate, demanding the implementation of the Justice JB Koshi Commission report and the declaration of St. Thomas Day as a public holiday. The general meeting held at the Thrissur Collectorate was inaugurated by Archbishop Mar Andrews Thazhath of the Thrissur Archdiocese. Many believers attended the event organized by the Thrissur Archdiocese Catholic Congress and Pastoral Council.

Archbishop Thazhath stated that the Christian community, a minority among minorities, chose July 3rd to assert their rights in light of the discrimination they face annually. He emphasized that this day is the most important for Syrian Christians and has been long advocated to be a public holiday. However, many exams are still conducted on this day. The archbishop stressed that everyone is united in publicly demanding that this holy day be declared a holiday.

Despite being considered a progressive community, Syro-Malabar Catholics are lagging behind in various areas. The archbishop pointed out that despite numerous complaints about discrimination, they are not being properly addressed. The Justice Koshi Commission received nearly five lakh applications from Christians in Kerala, but its report has yet to be made public. Archbishop Thazhath expressed doubts about its implementation even if it is eventually released.

He also highlighted concerns regarding PSC coaching and welfare schemes for minorities, questioning who truly benefits from these initiatives. Often, discrimination undermines these efforts. Additionally, the archbishop mentioned that management quota admissions in colleges are not being granted to Christians. He asserted that declarations of Christian rights will continue and that only through response can these rights be achieved. Archbishop Thazhath also lamented the fact that the Christian community, which is inclusive and works without casteism, faces various forms of discrimination.

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