Pope Francis Urges Peace After Attacks on Kyiv Hospital and Gaza School

Pope Francis Urges Peace After Attacks on Kyiv Hospital and Gaza School

Pope Francis has expressed deep sorrow over recent attacks on medical centers in Kyiv and a school in Gaza, calling for urgent solutions to end the ongoing conflicts. In a statement from the Holy See Press Office, Pope conveyed his solidarity with the victims and wounded, emphasizing the need to identify concrete paths towards peace.

The attacks included strikes on two medical facilities in Kyiv, including Ukraine's largest children's hospital, as well as a school in Gaza. These incidents have sparked widespread condemnation and humanitarian concern. Archbishop Visvaldas Kulbokas, speaking on behalf of the apostolic nuncio in Ukraine, lamented the targeting of civilian areas, such as the dialysis ward of the pediatric hospital in Kyiv, where vulnerable children were receiving critical medical care.

Similarly distressing was the raid on the Holy Family School in Gaza City, operated by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, which resulted in casualties among civilians, including families seeking shelter. The Latin Patriarchate condemned these actions unequivocally, stressing the imperative to protect non-combatants and ensure their safety during conflict.

These events underscore Pope Francis's ongoing appeals for peace and humanitarian assistance in regions affected by violence, with Vatican envoys actively engaged in delivering aid and expressing solidarity with affected communities. Pope continues to advocate for dialogue and negotiated solutions to bring an end to the devastating conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza.

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