Saint Adelaide of Burgundy

Saint Adelaide of Burgundy

Adelaide of Burgundy was a Holy Roman Empress by marriage to Emperor Otto the Great; she was crowned with him by Pope John XII in Rome on 2 February 962. She was the first empress designated consors regni, denoting a "co-bearer of royalty" who shared power with her husband. She was essential as a model for future consorts regarding both status and political influence.

Adelaide was born in Orbe Castle, Orbe, Kingdom of Upper Burgundyand was the daughter of Rudolf II of Burgundy. At the age of 15, Adelaide was married to Lothair II, the nominal King of Italy.

In 983, her son Otto II died and was succeeded by her grandson Otto III under the regency of his mother Adelaide's daughter-in-law Dowager Empress Theophanu while Adelaide remained in Italy. For some time, the two women were able to put aside their separate interests and work together to ensure Otto III's succession. They appeared together in the charters.

When Theophanu died in 990, Adelaide assumed regency on behalf of her grandson the Emperor, until he reached legal majority four years later. Adelaide resigned as regent when Otto III was declared of legal majority in 995 and from then on devoted herself exclusively to her works of charity, in particular to the foundation and restoration of religious houses: monasteries, churches and abbeys.

On her way to Burgundy to support her nephew Rudolf III against a rebellion, she died at Selz Abbey on 16 December 999. She was buried in the Abbey and Pope Urban II canonized her in 1097.

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