Twin Clergy Baptise Twin Babies

Twin Clergy Baptise Twin Babies

In a heartwarming and remarkable turn of events, twins Gianna and Andrew Renwick, born on July 18, have recently been baptized in a unique ceremony at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church in Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania. What makes this baptism particularly extraordinary is that it was officiated by twin clergymen, Father Ben Daghir and Deacon Luke Daghir, both hailing from the Diocese of Erie.

The Renwick family, comprised of parents Luke and Kristin and their four young children, including twins Gianna and Andrew, never expected to be blessed with twins. Although they had always prayed for twins due to a family history of twinning, a previous miscarriage had tempered their expectations. Luke Renwick explained, "When we got pregnant again, we were blessed with twins, so we ended up doubling up the family."

The Renwicks were overjoyed to share the news of their impending twins with their parish priest, Father Ben Daghir, who is himself a twin. As the due date approached, the family and Father Ben discussed the possibility of the twins' baptism. During this conversation, the idea of having Deacon Luke Daghir, Father Ben's twin brother, involved in the ceremony was proposed, creating a truly unique and meaningful experience.

Rather than holding a separate ceremony, the Renwicks decided to incorporate the baptism into Mass, allowing the congregation to witness this extraordinary event. Kristin Renwick noted that it was the shared experience of the congregation that made the ceremony even more special.

Another remarkable aspect of the baptism was the opportunity to have two sets of godparents, one for each of the twins. Gianna's godparents are Kristin's sister and brother-in-law, while Andrew's godparents are Luke's sister and a close family friend currently in seminary.

The baptism was not only a special occasion for the Renwick family but also for those present. The ceremony featured three sets of twins, including the Daghir twins, Kristin's mother and aunt, and, of course, the newly baptized twins Gianna and Andrew, creating a touching and unique gathering.

The significance of the twins' names adds another layer of meaning to this extraordinary story. Luke and Kristin Renwick chose the names Andrew and Gianna with great thought and purpose.

Luke, inspired by a talk on faith, resonated with the idea that everyone can be a "St. Andrews," someone who introduces others to Jesus, leading to the selection of Andrew's name. Kristin, a family physician, admired St. Gianna Molla, a pediatrician and pro-life advocate, making Gianna's name a natural choice.

Now, at three months old, Gianna and Andrew already share a unique connection that their parents describe as a "miracle from God." Observing the twins snuggle up and interact with one another is a testament to the extraordinary journey of this remarkable family.

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