UK's Move to Expand Safe States List: Consequences for Asylum Seekers from India

UK's Move to Expand Safe States List: Consequences for Asylum Seekers from India

London - The UK government has put forth plans to incorporate India into an extended list of 'safe states,' intending to expedite the repatriation process for illegal Indian migrants while precluding their eligibility for asylum in the UK. The draft legislation, presented in the House of Commons on Wednesday (Nov 8), proposed the inclusion of India and Georgia in this list.

The UK Home Office explained that this move is a strategic effort to fortify the nation's immigration system, preventing the misuse of unfounded protection claims by individuals making perilous and illegal journeys to the UK from fundamentally secure countries. Home Secretary Suella Braverman emphasized the need to swiftly remove those without a lawful right to stay in the UK, asserting that the expansion of the list sends a clear message that illegal entry will not be tolerated.

This initiative aligns with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's commitment to "stop the boats" of migrants reaching the UK illegally. The Home Office noted a surge in small boat arrivals from India and Georgia over the past year, and designating these countries as safe would disqualify individuals arriving illegally from seeking asylum in the UK.

The UK has previously identified nations like Switzerland and Albania, along with the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) states, as safe. The addition of a country to the safe states list, governed by Section 80AA, involves a thorough assessment by the home secretary, ensuring eligibility and the absence of persecution risk for its nationals, without conflicting with the UK's Human Rights Convention obligations.

The Home Office affirmed that India and Georgia meet these criteria, and the proposal will now undergo parliamentary scrutiny, with debates in both Houses preceding the legislation's enactment. This legislative move is part of the broader Illegal Migration Act 2023, designed to expedite the return of those entering the UK illegally to their home countries.

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