St. Richard

St. Richard

At a young age, St. Richard became an orphan. His brother inherited his parents' inheritance when he reached legal age, but the death tax was so high that they were forced into poverty, and Richard was forced to work on his brother's farm. Richard would have been the next in line to inherit the land, but he chose to focus on his studies and his faith. He declined the planned match when it was decided that he should wed a noblewoman, voicing the possibility that his brother may do so instead.

He led an austere life and was finally elected as a bishop.

Richard was the father of Sts. Willibald, Winnebald, and Walburga. He was on a pilgrimage to Rome from his native Wessex, England, with his two kids when he became ill and died in Lucca, Italy. The people of Lucca began to revere him highly and recount stories of his life, embellishing him as the "King of the English" and reporting miracles at his tomb. February 7th is his feast day.

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