Saint Conrad of Piacenza

Saint Conrad of Piacenza

In northern Italy, Conrad was born into an aristocratic family. He wed Euphrosyne, a nobleman's daughter.

One day while Conrad was hunting, he gave his servants instructions to start a fire. The flames spread by the wind, igniting the surrounding towns, villages, fields, and forests. Conrad fled in terror as soon as he saw this.

Because he fled, an innocent man was convicted of spreading fire and sentenced to death.
At this, Conrad came forward to take responsibility, thereby sparing the innocent man's life. In exchange, he and his wife donated everything they owned to the underprivileged and paid for the damaged property.

After that, Conrad departed to live as a hermit in the Franciscan order, and his spouse joined the Poor Clares.

Eventually, word got around about Conrad's gift of healing, holiness, and piety.

When numerous visitors began to disrupt his life of silence and seclusion, he relocated to Sicily, where he lived and prayed as a hermit for 36 years.

Later, Conrad went to see the bishop to confess in general. Conrad came to find himself encircled by fluttering birds.

He responded to his temptations with penance and prayer. Conrad passed away while kneeling before a cross. His canonization took place in 1625.

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