Roblox Game 'MetaSaint' Brings Gospel to Kids: Priest's Outreach Initiative

Roblox Game 'MetaSaint' Brings Gospel to Kids: Priest's Outreach Initiative

In an innovative approach to engage with today's youth, Catholic priest Fr. Rob Galea has unveiled MetaSaint, a groundbreaking outreach initiative within the virtual realm of the popular gaming platform Roblox. Recognizing the challenge of connecting with 'Generation Alpha', the age group between zero and 13, Fr. Galea leverages Roblox's massive user base of 70 million daily players to bring the Gospel to this tech-savvy demographic.

Partnering with the renowned game studio Dubbit, MetaSaint offers a virtual cathedral where users can engage in prayer, reflection, and explore passages from Scripture. Beyond spiritual activities, players can partake in various games and quests, uncovering treasures and visiting immersive scenes from the Bible. At the culmination of their experience, participants have the option to symbolically embrace their newfound faith by becoming a "MetaSaint," signified by lighting a virtual candle and receiving angel wings.

Safety of young users remains paramount in MetaSaint's design. Fr. Galea emphasizes the implementation of stringent child protection measures, supplementing Roblox's existing safety protocols to mitigate potential risks associated with online interactions.

Scheduled for launch on Holy Thursday 2024, just before Easter, MetaSaint aims to bridge the gap between traditional church attendance and the digital lives of today's youth. Fr. Galea underscores the significance of this timing, acknowledging that many young individuals may not have the opportunity to engage with the Church during the Easter season, making it imperative to bring the Gospel directly to them.

As MetaSaint prepares for its debut, Fr. Galea humbly requests prayers for the success of this endeavor, recognizing that the ultimate impact lies in the hands of God. Through prayer and collaboration, he hopes to sow the seeds of faith and foster meaningful connections with the young people who will interact with the game.

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