Cyclone Remal Causes Deadly Quarry Collapse and Landslides in India and Bangladesh

Cyclone Remal Causes Deadly Quarry Collapse and Landslides in India and Bangladesh

Torrential rains from Cyclone Remal caused a stone quarry collapse in India's Mizoram state, resulting in 15 deaths and trapping seven people.

Additionally, landslides and other accidents in the remote region claimed eight more lives, officials reported.

The powerful cyclone, which had previously devastated regional coastlines and killed at least 16 people, weakened into a depression. It also cut power to millions in eastern India and neighboring Bangladesh.

Rescue efforts for the seven people trapped in the quarry near Aizawl, Mizoram's capital, were hindered by harsh weather. A disaster management official, requesting anonymity, mentioned that continuous rains from Cyclone Remal led to the quarry collapse.

In Mizoram, seven more fatalities occurred due to landslides, while a falling tree killed one person in Assam.

Schools and colleges in the area were closed. Meanwhile, in West Bengal, authorities were working to restore electricity after Remal's damage to power lines and uprooting of trees.

Cyclone Remal is the first of many expected storms this year, driven by climate change and rising sea surface temperatures.

Coastal Bangladesh faced significant power and telecom outages, with crews striving to restore services. Disaster management chief Mijanur Rahman noted that mass evacuations minimized casualties, but the storm caused widespread destruction, with full damage assessments pending until communication is restored.

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